Three Phase Rectifier (3 Phase Rectifier)

Three-Phase Rectifiers are 3-phase input thyristor module rectifier type. It is the ideal solution for quality DC signaling in small and medium businesses. LC filter can be added according to the desired Ripple (DC ripple) level. It can also be used for battery charging when requested.

It can be produced as 6 pulses, 12 pulses and 18 pulses for output signal quality. Thanks to 12 pulse and 18 pulse applications, the THD value is reduced and the cosQ value is kept at the level of 0.9.

Output voltage, output current, input voltage, frequency and fault status information can be monitored via the 2×16 LCD screen. 100 historical fault information can be accessed.

It is microprocessor controlled. The user is informed about the operating status of the device with RS232, 0-10VDC or 4-20 mA signal, modbus and dry contact. It has the ability to adjust current and voltage.

It can be used as a battery in uninterrupted DC welding applications. With the battery low protection unit, protection is provided by preventing the battery from being discharged until the end of the discharge. Where output voltage sensitivities exist, a solution is produced by using a dropper diode.

It can be easily moved thanks to its wheels. In addition, there are models with aesthetic bases with fixings suitable for panel rooms. With its isolated transformer and thyristor structure, it is suitable for working under very heavy conditions and the risk of failure is close to zero. The warranty period is 3 years.

Three Phase Rectifier General Features

  • Input Isolation Transformer
  • L-C Filter
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Thyristor- Thyristor Module Structure
  • Soft start boot
  • 4X20 Line LCD
  • EMI filter
  • Equalizing charge, Float charge, Boost Charge options
  • 6 pulse, 12 pulse, 18 pulse options (for quality DC signal)
  • Can be used as current source and voltage source
  • 12/24V/48V/110V/220V/500VDC production options
  • Production in the range of 10A – 1.000ADC.
  • Automatic or manual charging modes selection
  • IU0U charging characteristic
  • Output voltage sensitivity with dropper diode
  • Remote control facility
  • Battery monitoring, low battery information and protection in case of mains failure


  • Over Current (electronic)
  • Short circuit (electronic)
  • Semiconductor Overheat
  • Transformer overheat
  • DC high (electronic)
  • DC Low (electronic)
  • Mains high (electronic)
  • Input fuse


  • 4×20 Line LCD screen
  • Input voltage, Output voltage, output current, error information tracking
  • Display language selection (English, Turkish)
  • LED status notification
  • Option to add analog voltmeter and analog ammeter.


  • Input terminal
  • DC output terminal